Where to choose for your Honeymoon

Honeymoon DiscountsDeciding where to go for your honeymoon is exciting, but it can get a little overwhelming as well. Whether you are living the next day after you say “I Do” or prefer to go a month later, it’s important to decide and plan your honeymoon in advance. If you are having trouble narrowing down your options, here are some tips and considerations that will smoothen your decision making.

1. Know Your Budget

Before deciding on what kind of destination you would like to visit for your honeymoon, first sit down with your partner and decide on a solid budget range. When it comes to honeymoon spending, there is no right or wrong amount. However, having a budget range in mind will help you narrow down your options. In addition, budgeting will set a ceiling so that you don’t get carried away and blow out your credit card, although I can almost guarantee you won’t regret for spending a little more beyond your comfort zone.

2. What kind of destination do you have in mind?

Which kind of trip and adventure are you looking for? It could be relaxation on the beach, basking in the sun, a day with nature, or combination of urban entertainment spots. Choose how much indoors and outdoors you want as well how much downtime and playtime would you like your honeymoon to have.

3. Determine Trip Length and Distance

This will mostly be dictated by your budget and time availability. Most honeymoons’ average time is 8 days, but if you don’t have a budget for this, you can always adjust downwards. While choosing the nearest destination may not be as exciting and adventurous, make sure you don’t choose a destination that will have you stuck on a plane for half of your honeymoon.

4. Keep in mind the amenities 

Check out for things like resorts, hotels and lodges in your area of interest and find out the kind services and amenities offered. Compare several options and examine this against your budget to see what fits you. You may want to check on things like swimming pools, spas and massage parlors, indoor games, foods and drinks offered and so on.

5. Think about weather 

It may seem obvious, but many couples tend to overlook this very critical consideration. The last thing you want is being trapped by a hurricane in a foreign country. So be sure to research on how the weather will be like. Whether misfortunes aside, what kind of weather would you prefer; cold and quiet or hot and steamy? Whichever your preference, make sure you and your partner are comfortable the whole time.

6. Consider Current Events

You don’t want to end in a situation where something bad could happen to your chosen honeymoon destination. Similar to weather, pay attention to things like civil unrests, natural calamities, and financial crisis. Doing some simple research on current events could help you keep off from a potentially disastrous honeymoon

Bottom Line

Finding the right location for your honeymoon may seem like a daunting task. But the tips and considerations above should help you narrow your options to the most suitable match. Be sure to involve you partner in this decision and only make those bookings after you’ve all fully agreed on the location.

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